10 Great Reasons to Cruise With Your Family


1.  Cruise Vacations Offers Great Value
Cruise packages offer great value for our dollar mainly because the fares include nearly everything you'll need for an amazing trip.  Think of the time alone that will be saved not having to plan food, accommodations, entertainment, transportation and sometimes even airfare. Regularly when cost is broken down, you end up spending much less per person per day on a cruise than would be spent on separate hotel, meals, taxis and shows.  Special discounts (or even free fare) are often offered for children traveling with parents.   

2,  Mulitple Destinations - Unpack Only Once
Perfect for groups that want to see many different places.  You don't have to pick just one.  Once you arrive at each destination, your floating hotel waits.  There is not hassle with lugging suitcases along cobblestone streets, lifting them in and our of public transit or dealing with your childrens' additional bags. 

3.  Cruise Ships are Family Friendly
If you are having difficulty finding a trip that will be enjoyed by everyone from tots to grandparents, cruises are now offering a wide age range of activities.  Among the usual adult activities there are Kids' Clubs that are split by age, teen hangouts with video games and swimming pools, family friendly dining so families can enjoy being together during meals and so much more etc.  Families can pick from multiple onshore excursions that all will enjoy and remember for years to come.

4.  Cruise Packages & Ships Come in All Shapes and Sizes
What might be ideal of one family may not be for another.  Mega-ships with outfitted with rock-climbing walls and outdoor movie theaters to intimate ships with elegant ambiance, educational river cruises to seafaring sailing ships, the options are endless and we can help.

5.  Ships Offer a Variety of Onboard Activities
Today's cruise ships are designed to please all.  Spas and casinos, wine tasting and computer classes, play bridge or do yoga, dine at a casual buffet or sit down to a fancy dinner, sushi bar or steak house, watch  movie or lounge in the sun and read a book while you watch your family play basketball.  Or....just relax while your ship sails from port to port.  

6.  Cruise Vacations are Easy to Plan
Cruise vacation packages group so many traveling factors together that they are now easier than ever to plan.  This along with the help from us, we can make your booking experience stress-free. Cruise lines have plans in place for group travel, eliminating the hassle of coordinating your 20 family members and friends from around the country who want to vacation with you. Book enough cabins -- and you'll get extra perks, which very well may include a free fare.  

7.  Ships are Floating Cities
Todays cruise ship are outfitted with everything you could possibly want onboard.  You have everything you need to stay in touch with the world outside, Wi-fi, cell and satellite service.  Onboard shops carry anything that you may have forgot to pack.  Medical centers and medical personnel are available for urgent medical needs.  Laundry services are wonderful and eliminate the need to overpack. Do not forget the many entertainment and dining facilities. 

8.  Many Onshore Excursions
Snorkeling through coral reefs, exploring ancient Roman ruins, hiking on glaciers, shopping at local outdoor markets; all these shoreside activities are as much a part of the cruise experience as enjoying the onboard amenities of your ship. Indeed, half the fun of taking a cruise is exploring exciting new places, tropical islands, bustling metropolises, exotic countries.  The benefits of booking ship-sponsored tours are many. You can skip the hassle of arranging your own onshore activities, you'll know the tour provider is licensed and reputable and the ship won't depart until all of its tour buses have returned, even the tardy ones.  We can help find the best options for your family travel.  

9.  Plan an Exotic Vacation
We often see people reluctant to plan trips to other countries because they are nervous about the language barrier or not knowing the country customs.  A cruise is the best way for you and your group to experience foreign and exotic destinations in a very easy way.  Itineraries offer calls at major cities and picturesque villages, all of which will be regional highlights, so you don't have to do the research on the best places to visit in an unfamiliar destination. If you're uncomfortable with independent sightseeing in a new locale, simply take a ship's tour with English-speaking guides. Another option is to team up with more experienced travelers you meet online or onboard to share private guide.

10. Meet People From All Over the World
Cruise vacations are a great opportunity to meet wonderful people from all corners of the Earth.  We've heard many stories of long time friendships that began on cruises, kids have developed pen pal relationships and now with social media, staying in touch with new friends is even easier.  This will only enhance the memories made on a family vacation.  

Many group cruise options are available.  We can make your family trip memorable from the very beginning by making it as stress free as possible.  Having one contact person will enable multiple families or persons to come together seamlessly and have a wonderful trip together.